Promo App Questions

When creating a promoted post or ad for your book, the active link for the cover image in the ad can go to the Promo App. The reader then can sample a few chapters of your book. Within the app there's a built- in Facebook Share button as well as buttons for purchase links at retailers or on your Facebook Bookstore.

The reader never leaves the Facebook experience since the Facebook Promo App is a Facebook app like many of the casual games you've seen on Facebook.

Since your reader never leaves the Facebook experience, it's fast and easy for your reader to sample, share, and purchase your book. And, since they'll be reading content from your book, the reader will be spending more time with your book and deepening their commitment to your book in a way that they wouldn't with banner ads or other promotional methods.

And, since the app runs from the cloud, we can provide detailed information to you on engagement with your book in the Promo App.

No, the Promo App launches within Facebook's environment and runs from the cloud. There's no awkward installation, downloading, or side-loading required.

The Promo app works anywhere that you use Facebook - smartphones, tablets, PCs, and Macs.

Yes, the promo app provides a quick opt-in check-box for the readers using the app that enables us to provide your their email addresses on an opt-in basis.