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IndieWrites makes it easy for authors to collaborate with other authors and members of the reading community to create original works like articles, stories, and book chapters - and then to collect the original works into nicely formatted eBooks sold at all the major online eBook retailers. We can even help you get paper books printed using our Print On Demand partners.

You can upload your story or article to IndieWrites, or you can write it directly on IndieWrites using our online authoring tools. IndieWrites will automatically save your content to cloud storage and provide automatic backups of every editing session, so you don't have to worry about your cat accidentally wiping out your hard work.

And, since we keep your content securely in the cloud, you can access it anywhere from any connected device. For example, you can check for your critique group's comments on your smartphone during the day and then make changes to your story that evening on your laptop.

You control who gets to see, comment on, and use your work. For example, you can choose to have the members of your critique group read and provide comments on your early drafts, then open up the work to your beta readers for additional feedback. And, finally, present your content to the broader IndieWrites community for more general comments or inclusion into collective books.

If you have other authors with whom you want to combine stories or articles into an anthology, or if you're looking for an author with content that's complementary to yours, IndieWrites provides tools to search for content from other authors and then combine sets of stories or articles into a professional eBook.

IndieWrites also helps you to market your book. Members of your street team and others in the IndieWrites community can help get the word out on your book through social media posts, blogs, and other on-line means. We make it easy for readers to post about your book.

We also provide incentives for readers to help sell your books. Using personalized buy links provided by IndieWrites, readers who use their creativity and ingenuity to buy your book through their link will get paid for their efforts.

When you use is to distribute your book to online book retailers, we'll take care of handling the aggregation of content and the fair, agreed-to distribution of revenue received from the retailers resulting from the sale of the book.

Another advantage of using IndieWrites to distribute your book is that you'll become elligible for our elite author program. Every month IndieWrites will choose books to help market, and we'll invest in the success of those books.

IndieWrites gives readers free access to a wide variety of pre-release stories and articles of fiction and nonfiction from many different authors.

But it does more than that. We help passionate readers collaborate with authors early in the writing process, so that readers can provide feedback, comments, and suggestions on the stories that the authors are creating. Many stories on IndieWrites are available before they're published as complete ebooks.

Readers in our community can improve their reputation by providing comments on stories and books on our site, and they can also help authors and increase their repution by posting their thoughts on these stories on books to social media sites.

In addition to commenting, you'll be able to "bump" your favorite stories and authors, which drives the rankings for them. And you can get notifications and emails when a favorite author creates a new story or updates one you've interacted with.

And readers can earn money when people buy IndieWrites authors' books through personalized buy links.

We think it's a fun an exciting way for serious readers to engage in the publishing process.

A critique circle is a group of authors who help each other through the early stages of creating a story. The members of the circle read early drafts of the author's work, providing suggestions, feedback, observations on continuity and development, and generally helping the author to polish a rough story.

At IndieWrites we give you the tools to get editing, proofreading, and general collaboration help from people you know (your "critique group") or members of the broader IndieWrites community. Many of our authors don't hire editors - they rely on the collaboration process to provide what was traditionally the editing function.

If you work with a traditional, independent editor, you may find that the collaboration tools we provide to be easier to use and more convenient since we back up all your changes to the cloud, give you the ability to easily retrieve previous verisons, and give you access to your content from any connected device.

A beta reader is typically a non-author reader who the author trusts to give thoughtful, insightful feedback on their story before the story is released for publication. Beta readers get access to a work after the author has the story in close to final form. Authors find that incorporating feedback from beta readers in their story is the difference between a story that is well-modulated and one that really sings.

IndieWrites acts as the publisher of your books for the retail sites you request us to distribute to. The retailers typically take 30 to 90 days from the end of a month to remit payments to IndieWrites for the books that they sell. IndieWrites will distribute your royalties within four weeks as they become available from the retailers.

IndieWrites charges a 15% fee from all retailer remittances.

Funds are distributed to you through the PayPal account that you provide in the MyProfile page.

IndieWrites conforms to the pricing requirements of the ebook retailers that we distribute to. Some retailers require that we set prices that end in .99, so we ask that you follow that model. A partial list of retailer pricing requirements follows.


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IndieWrites pays you within 25 business days of the close of the month for book transactions on your Facebook bookstore. You get the full purchase price less any credit card transactions.

IndieWrites charges a flat annual fee per book (currently $100) for each book that you have us list on your bookstore. From time to time we may have special deals on the bookstore fee, so let us know if you're interested.

Funds are distributed to you through the PayPal account that you provide in the MyProfile page.

You're free to price your books at any dollar and cents amount you want (including free) on your Facebook bookstore. Some other retailers may require you to have the same price as their price everywhere, so please take some care if your book is available at places like


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