About IndieWrites

We started working on IndieWrites after spending several years in the technical side of content creation. Many authors told us that the way they work now is very different from the old days. No longer does a typical author lock themself in the attic for a year with a Smith Corona manual typewriter and a bucket of White-Out, send off their manuscript to a dozen New York publishers, and hope for a friendly response.


Being an author today involves collaboration with others, working with critique groups, friends, beta-readers, and a variety of others to mold and form the creative work throughout the creative process. It's great for the author since there's a lot more feedback, and the resulting work is often better and more successful.


And once a book is finished the collaboration continues. The author needs to create a "reader platform" to support a successful book launch, create a Street Team, and make a splash. Then there's the advertising, selling, and getting the word out in order for the book to be a commercial success.


We believe that in modern times the engaged, passionate reader community becomes a partner with the author to create, market, and sell great books. It's an exciting new opportunity for readers, and a terrific support system for authors.


So our mission at IndieWrites is to make it easy for the modern author to collaborate with other authors and the reader community to create the best possible original stories, anthologies, and other single- and multi-author works - and then quickly and successfully bring them to market at all the major online ebook retailers.

Meet Our Team

Dave dH

Dave de Heer

Dave d does server-side software implementation and architecture for IndieWrites. Before cofounding IndieWrites, Dave was cofounder and chief technologist for easyepublish.com, a self-service, independent ebook formatter and distributor.

Dave d spent 13 years in the Digital TV group at Microsoft as an engineering manager, software architect, and principal program manager. Before then, he worked on physical-layer communications software at a variety of Silicon Valley start-ups.

Dave holds a dozen patents in Digital Media software and has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. Dave is married and has two daughters. He loves cycling and lives in Woodside, California.

Dave M

Dave Miller

Dave M is responsible for client-side software implementation and architecture at IndieWrites. Before cofounding IndieWrites, Dave was the software manager for Acrobat Reader at Adobe.

Dave M has held engineering executive positions at a number of start-ups including Pixo, Airzip, and Chromatic Research.

Dave M has an MS from Stanford University and a BS from MIT. Dave is married and has a son. He rides his bike 100 miles a week and lives in Menlo Park, California.

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